Make small but daily progress

In today's society, the torrent advances bravely, and if youdon't advance, you will retreat.Whether it is from the company's point of view or from apersonal point of view, progress.Both are necessary for us to adapt to this era; and the twocomplement each other.
If employees improve, the company will improve, and if thecompany improves, it will also provide more resources foremployees to progress.
Progress is not leap-forward, but gradual. Quantitativechanges will naturallyqualitative change.The corporate culture of Zhicheng SemiconductorEquipment Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.lt's progressive culture

Once it' s done, it' s done!

Done is never the same as done!With the goal of "finishing" and finishing it, employees arejust passively completing it. The company's mission is negative,sluggish, without any room for improvement.With the goal of "doing well, employees need to thinkactively. How to better complete the company's tasks ispositive and progressive, in line with our company'scorporate culture.
Our company's value orientation is "doing well", not"finishing