Technology determines the height of the enterprise

Technology determines the height of the enterprise

Mr. Huang Wenlong joined Kunshan Zhicheng Mr. Huang Wenlong was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1972. An expert in semiconductor equipment, he has successively worked in Taiwan's well-known semiconductor equipment companies such as Foresh Technology Co., Ltd., Jingcai Technology Co., Ltd., World Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., Winbond Technology Co., Ltd., in Wet bench, single wafer system and dryer He has rich experience in technology and equipment in the field of unit. He has led the team to optimize the Etching rate, U% and Clean/Dry particle of the machine, and provided more than 20 related patents for the company he works for. At the same time, it has led the development of a number of mature processes in the fields of wafer drying and particle control. Good at understanding customer needs and providing customers with correct countermeasures to improve machine and product problems. This time Mr. Huang Wenlong joined Kunshan Zhicheng as the technical director. Mr. Huang Wenlong has many years of experience in companies in the industry. His joining will bring another improvement to Zhicheng's technical level. For this reason, I specially had a brief interview with Director Huang. Let's take a look at why Director Huang joined Zhicheng. Question: What made you choose Kunshan Zhicheng? Huang: I have witnessed the rapid development of Foresh, and I hope that in my next career, I can once again witness a company develop to a stronger position than Foresh at a faster speed. Question: So, you are very optimistic about Kunshan Zhicheng? Huang: Kunshan Zhicheng is the most promising company I have ever seen. From Zhicheng, I saw the same potential as Foresh back then, but stronger. I believe that Zhicheng will develop stronger than Foresh, and can break out of China and go international, competing with Japanese and American companies on the same stage. Question: What do you like most about Kunshan Zhicheng? Huang: There are many. But what I am most optimistic about and what makes me feel more deeply is a quality I have seen from Zhicheng people. In Zhicheng, from the boss to the employees, everyone embodies a pursuit of perfection, and this is what impresses me the most. From my personal point of view, if a company wants to truly develop and gain a foothold, the ultimate technology and the ultimate quality are essential, but this is also the most difficult for most companies to possess and implement. Question: How do you view the current situation of the industry? Huang: For the time being, the semiconductor industry is irreplaceable. At present, the development of the most cutting-edge technology is inseparable from the development of semiconductors. China's market potential is unlimited, and the localization trend of China's semiconductor industry is inevitable, so in China, the semiconductor industry is in development, and there is still a long period of development. Q: OK, thank you for your answer, I hope you enjoy your work. Huang: OK, thank you, and wish you success in your work!





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