Exploring Kunshan Zhicheng automatic RCA cleaning machine

Fully automatic RCA automatic cleaning machine As one of the most used processes in the semiconductor wafer cleaning industry, the RCA cleaning process has existed for many years. Initially, the cleaning methods used by people were not standardized and systematic. In 1965, RCA (Radio Corporation of America) developed the RCA cleaning method for silicon wafer cleaning and applied it to the production of RCA components. The cleaning process used in the factory is basically based on the original RCA cleaning method. The RCA cleaning method relies on solvents, acids, surfactants and water to spray, purify, oxidize, etch and dissolve wafer surface pollutants, organic matter and metal ion contamination without destroying the surface characteristics of the wafer. Rinse thoroughly in ultrapure water (UPW) after each use of chemicals. Features of RCA equipment 1. Adopt PLC automatic control. According to customer needs, there are multiple formulas for customers to choose; 2. It has manual mode and automatic mode switching function; 3. Front-mounted manipulator transmission, mechanical and electrical double limit card control , high positioning accuracy, stable transmission, and reliable operation; 4. There are various types of machines such as PVC/PP/SUS304; it can be selected according to the nature of the liquid medicine and the process requirements; 5. The process tank can be equipped with spray nozzles according to customer needs Different product processes such as showering, overflow, circulation, throwing, rotation, coil cooling, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.; 6. The door panel of the machine shell is equipped with a transparent window, which is convenient for observing the operation of the machine; 7. The internal configuration of the machine There is a drying machine customized according to customer needs, which can directly complete a series of operations on the main screen of Bench. RCA equipment process A. Spraying: use high-pressure water to quickly rinse the residual liquid medicine on the product; B. Overflow: the edge of the tank is formed Zigzag shape, the pure water in the tank is always overflowing; C. Circulation: use the circulating pump to keep the liquid medicine in the tank in a flowing state, so that the cleaning effect is better; D. Throwing: the tank is equipped with a throwing mechanism to make the product and the medicine The effect of liquid contact is better; E. Rotation: the tank is equipped with a rotating mechanism to make the product rotate in the tank to prevent the product from being cleaned in place; F. Coil cooling: the tank is equipped with ice water coils to better ensure Stability of the temperature in the tank; G. Ultrasonic cleaning: mainly use the strong impact effect of ultrasonic waves to clean the substances attached to the surface of the product; H. Hot nitrogen drying: use high-temperature ion wind to make the residual water on the surface of the product Stains are quickly dried; I. Transmission method: PLC controls the manipulator to move left and right, up and down, and has the function of reversing. The overall composition and structure of the equipment As shown in the figure, the equipment structure is mainly composed of the frame, the process tank, the manipulator transmission system, the exhaust system, the electric control system, the water system, the air system and the dryer module. Depending on the nature of the process tank, there are some differences in the corresponding treatment of the equipment: (1) The equipment frame is made of stainless steel 304 square tube framework. (2) The shell is divided into fire-resistant PVC, porcelain white PP board, and SUS304 board coating according to the different properties of the chemical solution in the process tank. (3) The electric control area is set at the upper rear part of the machine, completely isolated from the pipeline and gas circuit area at the middle and bottom; (4) The material of the tank body is also divided into quartz, PTFE, PVDF, SUS316, NPP and other materials; (5) The part where the manipulator extends into the process area is treated with anti-acid, anti-alkali, and anti-organic corrosion; (6) The exhaust system of the equipment is composed of an air regulating plate, an air chamber and an air valve. The air valve is located on the top or rear of the machine, and two types of automatic air valve and manual air valve can be selected according to different processes; the air chamber and the machine shell are fully welded, and there is a reverse flow pipe inside to prevent water vapor from condensing in the chamber. Unable to discharge normally; the air regulating plate is located on the back side of the tank body in the process area, and is an adjustable structure, and the air volume can be controlled by adjusting the air regulating plate.





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