Compound Semiconductor

A compound semiconductor material is formed by two or more elements in a certain atomic ratio, and has certain semiconductor properties such as bandgap width and band structure. The second generation semiconductor gallium arsenide (GaAs) and the currently emerging third generation semiconductor silicon carbide and gallium nitride (SiC and GaN) are typical representatives among them.
The third generation of semiconductors, more scientifically defined as - wide bandgap
Semiconductor. Wide bandgap semiconductor materials refer to semiconductor materials with a bandgap width of 2.3eV or more. The preparation and application related processes developed based on these materials have become one of the hottest topics in the current semiconductor industry.
Zhicheng Semiconductor is based on the mature ZCAB series of slot cleaning and etching equipment, targeting the rapidly growing market demand in the wide bandgap semiconductor field, combined with the physical and chemical properties of materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride, Developed a variety of cleaning/etching equipment covering wide bandgap semiconductor substrate preparation cleaning (crystal rod cleaning, cutting chip cleaning, chamfering/marking cleaning, grinding cleaning, annealing cleaning, and polishing cleaning, etc.) and wide bandgap semiconductor device manufacturing wet processes (hot process cleaning, metal coating cleaning, organic photoresist removal, field/gate oxide layer corrosion, aluminum nickel corrosion, and metal stripping, etc.), whether targeting particles The cleaning of metal ions and organic pollutants, as well as the removal of photoresist and the stripping of metal layers, can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the configuration of various cleaning methods inside the tank, such as megasonic cleaning, circulation and overflow, and tank shaking functions, to achieve their corresponding functions.