Advanced Packaging

Packaging refers to the process of placing integrated circuit chips (Dies) produced by a chip factory onto a substrate that serves as a load-bearing device, and then using leads to interconnect the integrated circuit on the chip with the pins, leading out the pins, fixing them, and packaging them as a whole. After packaging, the chip can not only be fixed and sealed, but also its thermal performance can be enhanced. Therefore, packaging is a very important part of integrated circuit manufacturing.

At present, the industry generally divides packaging into traditional packaging and advanced packaging based on packaging methods and advanced levels. Traditional packaging usually refers to the process of cutting a wafer into a single chip before packaging, mainly using a wire frame as the carrier and using wire bonding for interconnection. For example, the commonly mentioned BGA (Ball Grid Array) in the field of packaging, which means spherical pin grid array packaging technology, is a traditional packaging technology.

Advanced packaging mainly refers to packaging technologies such as FlipChip, Bumping, Wafer Level Package, 2.5D packaging (interposer silicon interlayer, RDL ReDistribution Layer, etc.), and 3D packaging (TSV Through Silicon Via).

Compared with traditional packaging methods, the advantages of advanced packaging are: improving processing efficiency, improving design efficiency, and reducing design costs; Improve packaging efficiency and reduce product costs; Achieving higher density integration significantly reduces waste of area.

The speed of chip manufacturing process improvement is greatly slowed down by the limitations of technological progress and the impact of the international political and economic situation. The significant improvement of chip system performance can only be achieved to a certain extent and for a certain period of time by continuously optimizing the information transmission efficiency between each chip. In this situation, the value of wafer level packaging interconnection technology becomes even more prominent. Zhicheng not only has a complete series of slot/single chip cleaning and etching equipment in the wet cleaning and etching processes in the packaging field, but also has unique flagship products in electroplating equipment:

In response to advanced packaging processes such as Pillar/Solder bump/RDL/TSV, Zhicheng Semiconductor has launched the Vmax3D series electroplating equipment, which can quickly and stably deposit one or more materials such as Cu/Ni/SnAg/Sn

There are various types of metal layers, with good uniformity, strong adaptability to production capacity, and high equipment stability. At present, we have achieved impressive sales performance and our equipment has been serving the production lines of multiple advanced packaging companies.