Semiconductor Substrate

Substrate is the underlying material of all semiconductor chips, mainly playing a physical support, thermal conductivity, and conductivity role. All subsequent processes, such as epitaxy, can only be carried out on the substrate. A good substrate wafer is the cornerstone for implementing various complex semiconductor processes in the future.
According to different semiconductor materials, common substrate materials include Si substrate, GaAs substrate, SiC substrate, etc; With the advancement of technology and the emergence of various application types, pure, stable, and easy to epitaxial growth materials such as glass, sapphire, and diamond have also been widely used as substrates for circuit or device manufacturing.
Zhicheng Semiconductor has rich experience in applications such as traditional small and medium-sized silicon substrates, sapphire substrates for LEDs, and glass substrates. With the vigorous development of the semiconductor industry, compound semiconductor substrates and 12 inch silicon substrates - commonly known as "large silicon wafers" - have also become new growth points in the substrate field.
In the field of large silicon wafers, Zhicheng Semiconductor has achieved practical results in important preparation processes such as alkali etching and cleaning after double-sided polishing. In the final cleaning process, efforts are also being continuously invested in technological improvement. The ZCAB series slot equipment can effectively complete the corrosion and removal of surface damage after silicon wafer cutting, as well as the removal of polishing solution and particles after polishing, by adapting and optimizing the 12 inch substrate; The ZCWB series single chip cleaning machine will be suitable for the most stringent final cleaning process, providing strong guarantees for the successful preparation of 12 inch substrates.